Uplifting Lives by Lauren Swerdloff

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Uplifting Lives showcases the power of volunteers through grit and grace. This book is the ultimate guide on how to give, how to lead, and how to uplift the world around us. 

​Proceeds from each book will be donated to the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Uplifting Lives 

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​California’s reputation as a playground for the rich and famous often obscures the poverty that exists just blocks away from some of Hollywood’s most glorified landmarks. In the struggle for equality and human rights, many heroes have emerged. 

In Uplifting Lives, we experience the true story of the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic, one of America’s first free health clinics. We meet the core team of volunteers and see how their small non-profit center overcomes nearly 50 years of adversity. They persevere, with the belief that “healthcare is a right, not a privilege,” to treat over one million patients and counting. "A ground-breaking history of courage, compassion, and dedication, Uplifting Lives is the much-needed beacon of hope for communities across the nation." - Dr. William Vicary. 

Volunteer Lauren River Swerdloff takes us inside the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic, revealing its highly-anticipated story for the first time. Swerdloff, who conducted more than forty interviews and years of scrupulous research, introduces us to a vibrant cast of characters. With raw and moving accounts, she brings their inspiring legacies into our hearts and shares their most meaningful lessons.

The clinic's team has united people from all parts of Los Angeles. They have developed innovative community programs that have been successful with proven results. A-list celebrities, such as Elton John, Beck, Sting, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Robert Downey Jr., Christina Ricci and other Hollywood stars joined the clinic’s volunteer team to raise awareness and donations for this invaluable community center. Their collective story is a must-read, equally gripping and insightful.